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Land Clearing Battle Ground WA

Land Clearing Services for Battle Ground Homes and Businesses

Land Clearing Battle Ground WAClearing trees and brush from your property can be a significant inconvenience and cost valuable time and resources if you’re not using an experienced and professional service. When your property is overgrown and you need trees cleared for beautification or future development, call Arbor City Tree Care for the thorough and efficient tree removal your land deserves.  Our tree care experts specialize in getting rid of trees in close quarters. We comb through any size lot with a detailed and in-depth approach that removes unwanted trees while preserving the integrity of your property.

We’re adept at removing hazardous trees that are causing potential safety risks, working with proper safety equipment to cut them down efficiently. We’ll even work with power companies, ensuring any trees entangled in electrical equipment get removed safely without any injury. We’ll also assist you in selling excess wood after your land clearing is complete.

Battle Ground’s Precision Tree Removal Experts

In addition to full lot clearings, we also offer tree removal for services to quickly and safely take down any trees that have become a burden for your property. We have years of experience removing trees that are close to homes and other buildings. We use professional care to ensure that no tree debris causes damage to your property. We take time to meticulously clear trees from your property without damage. Whether we’re working by hand or with machinery for larger projects, we always use care and safety to remove any unwanted vegetation from your home or business. There are several reasons to remove trees from your property, but they all require tree removal experts to maintain the well being of your property. Most of our tree removal projects include:

Expansion projects – Launching construction for an addition to your home or business may hit a snag if trees take up the space you need for your new project. It’s essential to remove these trees properly to ensure the allotted space is useable for your plans. Trees can also obscure the best views from your newly expanded property, but they should be removed by professionals to prevent unnecessary damage to your land.

Eyesores and damaged trees –  Certain trees may cause a mess on your property or look like a blemish compared to the other vegetation on your land. Trees can also become damaged or diseased over time. If there are visible signs of fungi, soil uprooting at the base, or you see cracked bark or large cavities developing, it’s time to hire a tree service. The best practice is to hire a professional who can remove these trunks safely and efficiently. Don’t let dead trees become an eyesore and a danger to your property. 

Emergency Tree Removal When You Need It

Arbor City Tree Care offers 24-hour service; we’re sure to pick up the phone whenever you have a tree-related emergency that threatens your safety or immediate well-being of your property. Severe wind events and storms can break off sections from trees and cause branches to become lodged against your home or business. Hanging debris can be potentially hazardous to your property, so call us as soon as possible to clear these tree-related problems. Whether a severe wind storm has blocked your driveway with fallen debris or has caused a safety risk with leaning trees that are hanging on to the ground by a thread, we offer emergency services for Battle Ground, WA that are ready to serve you with one quick phone call.

Additional Tree Maintenance for Battle Ground

Land Clearing Services Battle Ground WAIn addition to thorough lot clearing services, we also offer a comprehensive list of regular tree care to satisfy Battle Ground’s complete tree-related needs. These services include:

  • Tree Trimming – We preserve your tree’s health by removing dying limbs and preventing potential pests or disease. Keep your trees looking beautiful with our regular tree pruning, trimming, and thinning.
  • Tree inspections and Safety Solutions – Before any maintenance, we’ll inspect your trees’ soil and root protection, and ensure no potential disease is developing within these plants. If we spot any problems, we’ll be sure to walk you through treatment plans and solutions that will nurse your trees back to health. This includes tree cabling and bracing, lightning protection system installation, and tree removal.

If you’re noticing any issues with your trees, our ISA certified arborist can conduct an inspection and assessment to determine what your property needs. We’ll even provide a free estimate of our trimming or removal services for your property. Whether you have a downed tree that needs immediate and safe removal, or you need a quick cleanup to the trees on your property, we’re the licensed, bonded, and insured solution for the future health and safety of your trees. Call us today!

What are the steps in clearing the land?
Land clearing typically involves several steps, including surveying the site, obtaining necessary permits, marking trees and vegetation for removal, clearing the underbrush, felling and removing trees, and disposing of debris. The specific steps may vary depending on the project’s scope and environmental considerations.
What is the best equipment to clear land?
The choice of equipment for land clearing depends on the size and type of vegetation, terrain, and environmental concerns. Common equipment includes bulldozers, excavators, forestry mulchers, and chainsaws. The selection should be made based on the specific needs of the land clearing project.
How do you clear an overgrown field?
Clearing an overgrown field involves removing tall grasses, weeds, and shrubs, as well as any unwanted trees or vegetation. The process may include mowing, brush cutting, and tree removal as needed. It’s important to assess the site, plan the clearing carefully, and follow any environmental regulations in place for the area. Hiring professionals with experience in land clearing is advisable for larger or complex projects.

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