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Tree Trimming Vancouver WA

Vancouver’s Tree Trimming Experts

Tree Trimming Vancouver WAWith over ten years of experience with tree care in Vancouver, WA, our expert team of experienced arborists understands the needs of the trees on your home or business property. We offer regular tree trimming and expert tree pruning services to ensure your property continues to look beautiful and inviting. We even provide inspections and free estimates for any services we determine will be best to maintain your trees or shrubs. Our ISA-certified arborist is happy to examine your trees and let you know the best course of action for keeping your trees healthy.

Our trimming services help preserve your tree’s health, structure, and promote new growth. However, tree trimming can prove difficult for a property owner who doesn’t use a professional tree care service like Arbor City Tree Care. Your trees may grow close to power lines, or limbs may find themselves touching hard-to-reach sections of your house or business. Luckily, Arbor City Tree Care offers proper trimming for any property in the greater Vancouver area. We’re sure to provide our full capabilities to keep your property looking beautiful and ensure the safety of people living on the property.

Our Extensive Tree Maintenance Services

Here are the high-quality tree service options we provide:

  • tree pruning
  • tree thinning
  • bush pruning
  • safety pruning

  • tree and bush maintenance
  • tree cabling
  • tree bracing
  • lightning protection

Safe and Reliable Lot Clearing and Tree Removal for Vancouver

Whether your trees have died and become an eyesore or you are hoping to remove them for future development, Arbor City Tree Care also offers safe and clean tree removal that preserves the integrity of your property. We specialize in close-quarter tree maintenance and will remove all the trees from your lot without causing damage or other inconveniences. We’ll even help you sell the wood from any lot clearing to ensure you see the most benefits possible from your new lot makeover.

Emergency Tree Removal Services at a Moments Notice

From heavy wind events to winter storms, the Pacific Northwest weather can take a staggering toll on your property’s trees, leaving your home or property vulnerable to potential damage from falling branches and hanging wood. Whether you need fallen tree debris cleared or a dangerous branch removed safely from your building, we can arrive anywhere in the Vancouver area after a quick phone call. We offer 24-hour service for emergencies like this and are sure to help you keep your property safe and sound. We have years of professional experience removing trees that are close to homes and other buildings. Our professional tree service team ensures that no tree debris causes damage to your property.

We’re adept at handling these hazardous trees that are causing potential safety risks, working with proper safety equipment to cut them down quickly and efficiently. We’ll even work with power companies to ensure any trees entangled in electrical equipment get removed without injury. Don’t let your yard suffer because of a few damaged or diseased trees. Let us remove them for you with our efficient service.

Our Proper Tree Care

Tree Repair Vancouver WAOur tree specialists are happy to help you set a plan for your trees if you’re not sure how to approach their maintenance. Before any service, Arbor City Tree Care can inspect your trees’ soil and root protection and ensure no potential disease is developing within these plants. If we spot any problems, we’ll be sure to walk you through treatment plans and solutions that will nurse your trees back to health, including soil amendments. We also offer tree cabling and bracing, lightning protection system installation, tree removal, and many other full-service tree service options.

Whether you have a fallen tree that needs immediate and safe removal or you need a quick cleanup of the trees on your property, we’re the licensed, bonded, and insured solution for the future health and safety of your trees. As your go-to tree company, you’ll get the expert arborist solutions you’re looking for with a proven reputation for excellence. Call us today to maintain everything from massive oak trees to small shrubs. We will give you a free estimate after the assessment of trees.

What is the best time of year to trim trees?
The best time to trim trees can vary depending on the species, but generally, late winter or early spring (before new growth begins) is a good time for most trees. Trimming during this period minimizes stress on the tree and allows for optimal healing.
Is it better to trim trees in the fall or spring?
As mentioned, spring is typically the preferred time for tree trimming because it promotes healthy growth. Trimming in the fall can be done for specific purposes, such as removing dead or hazardous branches, but it’s generally less ideal for overall tree health.
Should you trim lower branches on trees?
Trimming lower branches on trees, known as “raising the canopy,” can be necessary for safety reasons or to improve visibility and access beneath the tree. However, it should be done with care to avoid removing too many lower branches, which can harm the tree’s health. A certified arborist can advise on the best approach.

Arbor Tree Care Offers Tree Services in the Following Locations

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