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Living in the Pacific Northwest means that there is normally a large abundance of trees that surround your home. While these trees may be beautiful and add to the aesthetic of your home or neighborhood, they also need to be groomed and trimmed properly. Proper tree care can help prevent pests, as well as a potential disease for the tree. Removing dying and dead limbs can keep the tree looking great and help the vegetation around the tree flourish. That’s why hiring a professional tree trimmer is the best option for your tree care needs. A knowledgeable tree care specialist will understand the needs of the local vegetation and how to properly care for the trees in your area. Arbor City Tree Care has professional and experienced tree care specialists that fit those criteria. Our local team of experts has all the necessary training and experience to handle any jobs of any size. Commercial and residential tree care is their specialty.

Tree Service

Arbor City Tree Care is your local tree service expert for maintenance and removal. We specialize in close-quarter tree maintenance that preserves the integrity of your property. Our close-quarter approach allows us to meticulously trim and remove trees on a commercial and residential property without causing any damage. Our tree services include pruning, thinning, trimming, brush trimming, as well as inspections and long-term maintenance. Before any maintenance, we’ll inspect your trees’ soil and root protection, and ensure no potential disease is developing within these plants. If we spot any problems, we’ll be sure to walk you through treatment plans and solutions that will nurse your trees back to health.

Tree Trimming

From Tree trimming to brush maintenance, Arbor City Tree Care offers full-scale tree maintenance services to local homes and businesses. Keeping your trees properly trimmed helps them look neat and enhances the outside aesthetic of your home or business. We’re your reliable tree service company with solutions to your tree care and removal problems. From regular trimming to tree removal and land clearing, we take a close-quarter and detailed approach that preserves the integrity of your property. We also offer emergency services following any major wind events or storms to help protect your property from any fallen tree or debris damage.

Tree Removal

Arbor City Tree Care offers safe and thorough tree removal for local homes and businesses. If you need to remove a tree near your home to expand the home or remove a tree that could damage your business, our team of experts can help. Our services preserve the integrity of your property with a close-quarter approach that removes each tree individually. We’re available for detailed tree removal on commercial and residential properties, and we offer emergency services as well. If you have a dangerous tree or limbs that have been knocked down from storms or major wind events, we can arrive after a quick call to remove this debris and keep your property safe.

Emergency Tree Removal

Arbor City Tree Care specializes in close-quarter emergency tree removal for residential and commercial properties. We provide 24-hour emergency service for any tree-related property maintenance that has been caused by storms or major wind events. We understand that these situations can be dangerous and can greatly affect your home or business. Our close-quarter approach allows us to meticulously trim and remove trees on both commercial and residential property without causing any further damage.

Land Clearing

Arbor City Tree Care offers in-depth land clearing, tree trimming, and general tree maintenance for homes and businesses. Our services ensure that your trees live long healthy lives and preserve the beauty of your property. We take a safe, close-quarter approach that allows us to remove trees and debris from your property without causing any damage. We’ll also help you with the process of selling any wood leftover from your land clearing. Land clearing can be necessary for home and business expansions, as well as getting rid of dying or damaged trees and plants.

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About Vancouver, WA

Located directly north and across the majestic Columbia River from Portland, Oregon, Vancouver is deeply rooted in the history of the Pacific Northwest. Once described as “the only desired situation for settlement west of the Rockies” by Meriweather Lewis, Vancouver was originally home to Fort Vancouver and was established as a fur trading post for the Hudson’s Bay Company. Fort Vancouver still stands and remains a popular tourist attraction for visitors. It is still a large area for railway use, using both commercial and passenger trains on a regular basis. Despite being so close to Portland, Vancouver has created its own vibrant culture separate from its cross-river neighbor. Vancouver is listed as the fourth-largest city in the state of Washington, however, there are enough people in the surrounding areas to make Vancouver the second-largest city. Boasting an up-and-coming, revitalized downtown area with new restaurants, hotels, and shopping combined with a beautiful view of the surrounding natural amenities like Mount Hood, Mount St. Helens, and the Columbia River, Vancouver is becoming one of the more desirable areas to visit and live in the Pacific Northwest. Whether it’s walking along the waterfront of the river, visiting nearby waterfalls and lakes, visiting one of the many beautiful parks in the city, or grabbing a freshly brewed microbrew, Vancouver has just as much to offer as a big city would in a smaller city feel and location.