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The Risks of DIY Tree Removal: Why You Should Hire a Professional

Trees are beautiful additions to any home or property. They provide shade, fresh air, and a natural touch to your surroundings. However, there are times when trees can become a safety hazard. When a tree is dying, diseased, or leaning dangerously, it’s time for it to be removed. At this point, many homeowners may be tempted to grab a chainsaw and take on the task themselves. However, DIY tree removal is a risky venture that poses a significant danger to both the property and the individual performing the job. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing the risks of DIY tree removal and why you should hire a professional.

Physical Risks

One of the most significant risks of DIY tree removal is the danger of physical harm. Removing a tree is a complex and labor-intensive task. Without the proper training and equipment, it can be incredibly hazardous. Falling branches or debris can cause severe injury or even death. Even experienced arborists experience accidents regularly, which is why professional tree removal companies are required to carry insurance in the event of an accident.

Inexperienced individuals may also underestimate the weight of tree branches and logs, which can lead to strains or sprains. Additionally, scaling a tree with a chainsaw or axe is incredibly dangerous, and without proper equipment and PPE, falling is a huge risk.

Property Damage

DIY tree removal also poses a severe risk of property damage. It’s common for DIY-ers to misjudge the direction of the falling trees, creating situations where they land on structures such as vehicles or homes. A falling tree can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage, potentially even more depending on the size of the tree and the structure it falls on.

Professional tree removal companies have years of experience, training, and equipment to handle even the most complex of jobs safely. Not only do they possess the equipment necessary to bring down branches and trunks safely, but they also have the experience to direct the tree’s fall in the most beneficial direction.

Legal ConsiderationsTree Care Service Vancouver Wa

In many jurisdictions, trees are considered natural resources that cannot be tampered with without permission. Therefore, if the tree is protected, you will need a permit to remove it, and if that’s lacking, then legal issues may arise. Also, if a neighbor’s property is damaged, the neighbor can hold you liable, especially if the tree is on your property. A professional tree removal service has knowledge of the legal ramifications of removing trees and can guide you along the process, thus protecting you from any fallout.


The cost of professional tree removal can vary, but it certainly isn’t cheap. The price of removal depends on several factors, such as the size of the tree, the complexity of the job, the equipment required, and the experience level of the arborist. These costs include the equipment used to bring down the tree safely, the transportation costs of the debris, and the manpower needed to complete the task. Sure, it would seem that doing it yourself would save you money, but if you think about the cost of damage to your property or yourself if an accident occurs, the costs are much higher than what you would pay for professional service. Besides, when you hire a professional, the cost is covered by their insurance in case of an accident.

Experience and Equipment

A professional tree removal service has experience with a wide range of trees and can recognize which ones pose a danger to your property. They also have access to specialized equipment needed to remove the tree safely. When attempting a DIY removal, it can be difficult to judge which branch sizes and weights need a rope, for example, or when to bring in heavy machinery like cranes. Tree removal equipment can be expensive, and it’s generally a one-use type of equipment, which makes it less than economical to purchase for a one-off project.


Trees provide beauty, shade, and a natural atmosphere to any property; that’s why they must be taken care of when they pose a danger. Tree removal is a dangerous task, and it’s best left to professionals. When you hire an experienced arborist or tree removal service, you’re ensuring that your property and loved ones are safe from harm. You avoid the physical risks that come with a DIY removal, prevent costly property damage, and protect yourself from legal liabilities. Additionally, these professionals have the experience, training, and equipment necessary to remove the tree safely, minimizing disruption to your property.

If you have a tree that you believe requires removal, contact a professional tree removal service to get the job done right, on time, and safely.

Your Local Tree Service Professionals

At Arbor City Tree Care, our team of experienced arborists understand the importance of ensuring trees on your home or commercial property remain beautiful and healthy. Our services offer more than just regular trimming and pruning for a natural-looking landscape. Our professional tree service providers do proactive tree inspections to identify any potential threats to your outdoor foliage. Moreover, we always use ISA-certified arborists who will conduct a thorough soil and root protection checkup before any service to detect signs of disease. With over a decade of experience serving Vancouver, WA, with proper tree care, our tree specialists are committed to providing long-term health care for these vital plants.

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The Risks of DIY Tree Removal: Why You Should Hire a Professional

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