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Why You Should Remove a Tree

Even though it might hurt our inner green thumb sensibilities or seem counter-intuitive to a beautiful garden, sometimes arborists must remove a tree to safeguard people and property. During the winter months, ice, rain and snow mean trees can become a hazard. Whether a falling hazard for those around you, a nest for pests and diseases, or disrupting electrical and plumbing services, tree removal has many benefits. We’re going to take this blog post as a chance to explain why someone should hire a professional to remove a tree from their lawn or garden.

Dead Trees Are A Falling Hazard

The Pacific Northwest is no stranger to the freak accident of a tree branch falling and seriously injuring someone. But in reality, they’re not a freak accident at all, just a combination of circumstances, usually involving a dead or dying tree. Most people won’t even realize a tree has died until a major fall occurs from a large branch or the tree itself.

tree removal service vancouverWhen a tree or branch dies, the sinew inside the wood begins to dry out, hardening the fibers until it becomes brittle and breaking more easily. Rain, ice, and snow can add literal tons of extra mass to tree branches. The danger only increases on the branches of a dead tree. Combined with high enough winds and any tree has the potential to cause damage.

When their risk of falling has increased, or when they pose a threat to people or structures on your property, it is time to remove them before a freak accident occurs. The potential damage of a falling damage tree always outweighs the cost for removal and, in this case, rewards the proactive homeowner.

Dead Trees Harbor Pests and Diseases

Trees, as a concept, are a popular garden feature. They are plenty of reasons to plant one in yours, from the shade and fruit they might provide to the native habitats and curb appeal they will naturally generate. Of course, that same habitat might also be a reason to remove them.

Sometimes, when a tree is infected by fungus disease or other pests, there is nothing for it, and they will have to be removed before the contagion spreads to other plants in your garden. If the infestation is extensive, then the tree is likely already dead. Likewise, pests, such as termites, will only move on to the next once they kill the first tree.

If you are concerned about insects or diseases using your trees as hosts, don’t let the inconvenience of watching the tree outweigh the benefits of removing it. Make sure to contact an arborist when you notice dead or dying branches and discoloration on your trees to avoid a bigger problem.

Tree Roots Disrupt Pipes or Powerlines

Trees that grow next to power lines can also pose a risk when they grow too large. Not only can their limbs cause fires when they catch on the overhead wires, but they can also cause power outages for the neighborhood, turning your problem into everyone’s problem. And when they do fall, it could be dangerous for those below them–rarely does a person feel comforted by the thought of flaming debris littering down upon them.

However, trees don’t just grow up and out towards powerlines, but down and around the underground utilities as well. The root system of any large tree is a vast network of nutrient collecting fibers. The larger the tree, the larger the network. And they are relentless, moving paved sidewalks, encircling septic systems and even infiltrating the foundations of a home. The only thing more expensive than paying for tree removal is having to pay for tree removal and repairs for whatever the tree might have been damaged.

There are ways to prevent this. You can avoid such issues by planting a tree sufficiently far away from the sidewalk, home, or powerlines. But if the tree has already been erroneously planted, then serious pruning or removal might be the only treatment for it.

The Tree Crowds Out Other Trees and Plants

tree trimming service vancouverGardening is the art of pairing the right plants with each other. Both aesthetic and ecological considerations should be made for how each piece interacts with its neighbors. While a little shade might be a good thing, a tree can crowd out the more sunlight-dependent plants or drain the soil of nitrogen. Knowing what trees can help your garden grow and where to plant them without inhibiting others is vital to its success.

Even when your trees don’t pose a clear and present falling danger, they can still be disruptive to the aesthetics of your property. If their leaves take up too much space or block too much sun from reaching parts of your garden, you may want to consider having them pruned, if not outright removed.

Additionally, if the tree itself is being crowded out by other, larger trees, you might want to consider removing it to another part of your garden or removing it entirely. Removal is all dependent on which tree is doing or can do more damage. In some cases, removing the older tree will help you avoid it. However, It’s much easier and safer to remove a younger tree than an older one.

Arbor City Tree Care Is Vancouver’s Trusted Tree Removal Service

A wise person once said: “if you think hiring a professional is expensive, try hiring an amateur.” We think they were an arborist born too soon. Any number of amateur tree-cutting compilation videos on YouTube provide enough proof enough for their statement. Whether you need a tree removed because it interferes with powerlines or sewage systems or even just crowds out the rest of your garden, contact Arbor City Tree Care to handle it. We provide professional assistance when removing dangerous foliage and guidance for planting new ones. Call us, so you or your loved ones don’t end up on YouTube or in the hospital.

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Why You Should Remove a Tree

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